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In collaboration with the Goethe Institute, the Vakhtangov Theater presents:
"TRANSFORMATION". According to the story of Franz Kafka.
Premiere - November 4, 2019

The writer and philosopher Franz Kafka (1883-1924) was forced to work as an insurance agent, which caused attacks of aggression and to occupation, and to colleagues and clients. "Everything that is not related to literature, I hate," wrote Kafka. However, the author intended to destroy his works, which gave rise to many guesses and interpretations.

Kafka does not create fantastic worlds, does not write about travels to distant planets; his characters live in the same universe as the readers. Moreover, they are involved in supernatural events. Habitual objects, actions, words acquire distorted meanings, lose their outlines, as in a dream.

The protagonist of the novel "Transformation" Gregor Zamza suddenly becomes a disgusting insect. This is a very strange situation, which is hardly worth evaluating rationally. Gregor’s consciousness remains the consciousness of man, he remembers his family, recognizes his native people, but a catastrophe has already happened. He is not like everyone else. Certainly not the way they want to see him. It no longer complies with generally accepted standards and decency.

Josua Roesing, director: “Where does this line of separation go? In man himself or between man and society, or both there and there? Is it possible to interpret the concept of transformation from the point of view of psychoanalysis, sociology and religion? Is this an ominous warning or metaphor? Before you start looking for answers to such undeniably fascinating questions, it is advisable to turn once more to the story itself, trust it and feel the emotions and impressions that are born in us, as well as those transformations that occur in us. ”

Duration of the performance - 1 h 40 min (without intermission)
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