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Чужая Жена и Муж Под Кроватью

Чужая Жена и Муж Под Кроватью12+

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Москва, Арбат ул., 26
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On the story of FM Dostoevsky "Another's wife and husband under the bed"

Young - young!
The premiere of the performance on the stage of the First Studio of the Vakhtangov Theater is January 28, 2017.
The graduates of the Boris Shchukin Theater Institute, art director of the course Alexander Koruchekov take part in the play.

Director Ekaterina Zonnenstral about the play:
"The story of" Another's wife and husband under the bed "is an early work of Dostoevsky, compiled by the author of two separate stories," Another's Wife "and" The Jealous Husband. "In a sense, this text is the author's irony over the then-frivolous vaudevilles Dialogues are easy, almost anecdotal, but the very theme of the story - jealousy and passion driven to insanity - was very serious for Dostoevsky, and thoughts about it did not leave him throughout his life, which is connected, including with the relations in the family Parents: Dostoevsky's father He taught his wife jealously (the mother of Fyodor Mikhailovich), from which she suffered, because she loved him in true devotion. Later, in the prime of his work, the mature Dostoevsky will return to this topic in the story "The Eternal Husband." But here he will write no longer Light vaudeville, and almost tragedy in the most realistic terms.
It was interesting for us to work with the text of the "young" Dostoevsky. Here his language is not yet perfect from the point of view of skill, but fresh and frank in his naivety. We tried to understand it using the language of the theater. The experiment is clean and conducted right before your very eyes. No decorations. Only a scene, five actors, a spectator and ... a game. A game that becomes a revelation during the performance. "
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Oh, these pretty wives - the quietest husband in a frenzy drove! As soon as the benevolent husband began to suspect his young flirtatious wife of treason, he began to follow her everywhere.

And then one day she accidentally managed to intercept her husband's love note, in which a date was scheduled ... How so? Will his wife be with another?

And so the husband rushes to the meeting place ... And there is another woman - another's wife - he meets him! It was necessary to the unfortunate spouse in a strange bedroom under a bed to climb. Trouble was a jealous man! He wanted to teach others, but now they laugh at him. "Jealousy is an unforgivable passion, not only: even - misfortune!"

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