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Очарованный Странник

Очарованный Странник16+

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119002, Москва, Калошин пер., 10/2
02 h 00 min


Natalia Kovaleva, director of the play:

"From time to time, each of us asks himself uneasy questions: who am I? Why do I live? what is my purpose? What can I and can not afford? Such a conversation offers the audience the play "The Enchanted Wanderer". Together with the heroes of the play, we will go on an enchanted journey through our life, because these are our questions and our life.

Steamboat. A small piece of sushi in the midst of endless water. Ten people sail to the island of Valaam. The long way usually has to talk. And sometimes even to confession. Such a confession is for us to hear. And human life will unfold before us. Life of Ivan Flyagin. Bright, full of unpredictable turns, situations funny and bitter. It will contain everything: high sacrificial love, bodily and spiritual torments, cruelty and compassion. Before us will pass scenes frantic and gentle: here Ivan tames a wild horse, but "tamed" by the beauty of a woman; here he is killing a man in single combat, but pierced with pity and love for another's child ... The scene will become a battleground for the human soul. The human soul will become a battlefield. For her will fight and angels and demons. The river of life will bring to Ivan the images of the monk killed by him, warmed by his love of the girl, drunkard - the master, the clever Evgeny Semyonovna, the beautiful gypsy girl Grushenka. Ivan flips through his book of life and opens the soul of man. And the soul is the most Russian - all of her passions are fooled. After all, Ivan is a typical Russian character: broad and passionate, wild and unbridled, risky and bold, stubborn, reckless. And his way is the way of man from the slave of his passions and desires to the free man.

"Enchanted Wanderer" - the story of today. The life of man, described by Leskov, is the life of each of us. And yet - this is our common life. You read the last pages of the story and are imbued with the anxiety of its hero. He fears for his people, because when everyone screams about the world, "all-enmity" attacks. And what do we see around? In the newspapers, on the radio, on TV, everyone tells us how they are fighting for peace and quiet, but in reality there is a war, there is a terrorist act, there is violence, there is vandalism, there is corruption, there is robbery, there lies and so on .

Nikolai Leskov is a native Russian writer. Russian on the topics that he chooses, according to the characters he is leading, according to the melodic structure of the language that describes them. I would even call him an epic writer, because his narrative is always a holistic picture of the people's life, against which the life of the hero unfolds. And the hero is this flesh from the flesh of the people. It is better not to say what Leskov himself said at the end of the Lefty: "... there is no need to hurry to forget these traditions, despite the fabulous legacy of the legend and the epic character of the protagonist. ... This is an epic ... with a very "human soul". " So the "Enchanted Wanderer", like every epic, is an eternal story. "

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