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Alina was 03 august on Aesthetes

ESTHETES I liked, played cool

Petr was 13 jule on Aesthetes

Good performance

Svetlana was 13 april on Aesthetes

A brilliant performance! An ingenious director! And actors! Let's go again and advise all friends!



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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 16
02 h 30 min


The comedic dialect of S. Aronin based on the works of J. Rez and A. Bitov

The young director Sergei Aronin and his colleagues cheerfully, wittily and in a bright theatrical form are asked serious philosophical questions. How to assess the current trends in art? On whom to navigate? How to treat different kinds of experiments and dare to do them yourself? What is art in general? And what is more important - "man in art" or "art in man"?

In the first part of the play, together with the heroes of the famous play by J. Reza, they hotly discuss what can be considered a work of art, and in the second they themselves become accomplices in the creative process. Disputes are being waged not only by participants of all these witty verbal (and not only) battles. The performance of S. Aronin is in dialogue with different cultures and their traditions. The place of action of the first part is the French gallery of contemporary art, and the second - native Russian spaces with all the ensuing consequences. In the first part of the art, sometimes going beyond a good tone, the intellectuals of Paris are arguing. In the second - having a fairly remote view of the correct behavior of the broad Russian natures from the domestic backwater.

The creators of the play talk about all these intellectual and sensitive issues with humor and great tact, offering the audience a good laugh and simultaneously thinking about not only what art is, but also what a person is and what we all have in common, so different, so different , Separated by thousands of kilometers. The heroes of the performance are echoed by the ingenious video sequence, wittily commenting on the action.

The play is a kind of diptych with the previous production by Sergei Aronin on the stage of the Mossovet Theater "Cynics", reflecting on what love is ...

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About art frankness! If it's for sale, it's art. So spoke the great Salvador Dali. Two talks about art. Such different, but both - passionate and uncompromising. Abstract art is understandable by far not all. And someone does not try to understand it. The first conversation took place in the French Gallery of Modern Art. Three friends, seemingly intelligent people, are discussing a new purchase of one of them. He bought a picture. And very proud of myself. But his friends have a different opinion. After all, it is not at all clear what is depicted on the canvas! One of them considers an expensive canvas of mediocre wrecks. And that only a fool could give for such a lot of money. Another tries to convince him. He is sure that otherwise the artist could not express the spirit of his time. They are Russian people, an artist with a novice writer. They drink and drink well. And their conversation about the "high" is built quite differently. One another teaches life. The painter asks his youngest friend eternal questions. Who is to blame and what to do. What is a work of art. Whether it is necessary for people or the artist creates for himself. And how to explain the magic of creativity to someone who is indifferent to art. Many people can argue, few people can just talk.
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Alina was 03 august

ESTHETES I liked, played cool

Petr was 13 jule

Good performance

Svetlana was 13 april

A brilliant performance! An ingenious director! And actors! Let's go again and advise all friends!

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