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Moscow Drama Theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 20 september on "Cheerful heart"

I really liked it. Let's go with friends.

Yanuarka was 16 september on Molly

Emotionally strong and deep performance. And very relevant. Laconic in the scenery and props, but very expressive. The chamber atmosphere on the small stage also enhances the impression. The game captivates from the first minute and does not let go until the last. Would definitely recommend it!

Ol`ga was 08 april on "Marriage in Italian"

Gathering for this performance, I assumed that the whole evening I would sit and admire exclusively Tatiana Mukhina and Alexey Annenkov. So they both like me! But I have never seen them together, and here is a unique case! Because the actors involved in the rest of the roles are no less beautiful here! At first I was struck by Anatoly Morozov, playing Alfredo. What a reincarnation! I immediately immediately felt the flavor of the Neapolitan streets with their equally colorful men like Alfredo. And what a contrast with the "Louis-Stalin" that I had already seen in Moliere! Bravo! Then it was the turn to surprise Xenia Thunder (Rosalia). God, I was so fascinated by her heroine that I didn’t immediately realize that she was the very same actress in front of me that showed me the once sophisticated and sublime Sophia! And when in Diana (Kristina Isaykina), in this young and frivolous “fatal” beauty, I recognized the distant features of “Juliet”, I began to look at her game, and I had to admit that Christina Isaykina is no longer an ordinary young actress. In general, now you understand how difficult it was for me at this performance, because I eagerly absorbed every little thing, fearing to miss something particularly beautiful! But there were also a lawyer (Mikhail Zheleznov) and the maid Lucia (Lana Krymova) And, of course, the sons of Felumeny! Umberto (Sergei Annenkov), Ricardo (Lev Malishava) and Michele (Evgeny Markov), who himself has four children for a minute! :) So it’s not that bored, there was no time to sigh! Moreover, the plot is very eventful and very different situations. After all, this is Italy! Southern Italy! Naples! And the corresponding passion! Marriages, divorces, betrayals, intrigues and conspiracies :) But back to the main characters. Philumena and Don Domenico Tender, caring, fragile in appearance, but passionate, fighting and with a steel character, the heroine Tatiana Mukhina seemed to easily solve any problems of life and is no less easily controlled with servants and with matured children and with Don Domenico . But ... Her strength is not unlimited. And now she is already broken, suffering and resigned to the heaviest blow of fate. Humbled, but not lost. How exactly did Tatiana Mukhina manage to convey all this palette of feelings and emotions! But Don Domenico Alexei Annenkov did not give her the brightness! Beautiful couple! How I believed him every minute! And how he "rolled up with talk" to his sons! And how beautiful they are both in the finals! And the tears of happiness in my eyes are just a reflection of the feeling that I saw on the stage. Bravo! Go to the theater!

Riada was 21 january on Wedding of Krechinsky

Strong, played with taste and passion thing. Actors are good professionals who have managed, in the course of the action, to smoothly move from eccentrics and hard satire to lyrics and back, without stretch and loss of tempo. Interesting set design, great music. Performance sincerely recommend.

Gul`shat was 21 january on ugly duck

Fun, bright, dynamic! Child (4years) watched without stopping! The actors played great! The child was asked to go again))))

Ol`ga was 25 december on Skull from Connemara

The magnificent play of actors filled with tension and full immersion in the image leaves an indelible impression of the performance. And the intriguing, detective story keeps in suspense throughout the performance. The whole life of the protagonist is shrouded in a web of guilt feelings because of a beloved wife who died. The director shows the difficult emotional state of the main character not only through his addiction to alcohol, but also through his main occupation of digging out old graves ... I think there are no indifferent to the production!

Ol`ga was 18 december on "The leader of the Redskins"

Were very disappointed with the production and play of actors. No enthusiasm, no funny scenes, the actors, as if serving a sentence. But the main character apparently either did not play pranks on the boy or, because of his age, had already forgotten what childhood and self-indulgence are. There was not a pleasant aftertaste, from the understanding that they shamefully dismissed the hack, hiding behind a children's audience!

Ol`ga was 03 december on MOLIERE

The decision to go to this performance was almost instant. Because it concentrated, if not everything, then very much of what I love for Armen Jigarkhanyan's theater. First of all, the director. For the first time I met his work in the “Queen of Beauty", then there was the "Tram" Desire ", to which I was already meaningful. And I ran to the" Lonely West "! And, of course, I could not miss" Moliere " secondly, the main role in the play is played by Alexey Annenkov, who both hit me on the spot in Molly, and has since been included in the favorite actors of this theater (although he shares this honorary title with another actor). - the performer of the role of Armanda. Young, bright, she is very successful in character roles. but it looked quite harmonious and in its place. A young fatal beauty. I never read anything about the performance before going, having decided to see it with the eyes of an ordinary spectator, not an avid theater-goer. And the more my surprise was when I saw people in leather cloaks. The first impulse was to wipe glasses. Second, immediately open the play and make sure that leather jackets are a director's idea, not Bulgakov's text, because only lace collars, wigs, etc. were in memory. And only after seeing Louis too similar to Stalin I exhaled. Bulgakov, of course, was bold, but ... In this case, it was Sergei Vinogradov who decided to combine the two epochs, thereby creating direct parallels between the plot of the play and the life of Bulgakov himself. After all, it is true, they are very similar. Stalin, of course, was well acquainted with the work of Bulgakov. More from the play "Days of the Turbins". And of course, the fate of Bulgakov depended on the mercy of the ruler. And he also fell into disgrace of the already Soviet “Kabala of the devout,” which criticized him mercilessly. Did Bulgakov think that he was writing a play "from himself"? I do not know. But the feeling that the imminent ban on this play, and the harsh criticism that followed it, made him even leave the Moscow Art Theater, he seemed to have misunderstood. However, history shows that many creative people, endowed with true talent, found it difficult to get along with the powers that be, and with society, and in personal life too. So here. The performance, of course, about Moliere. There are no deviations from the author's text. It’s just that Moliere has gone beyond the time corridor. And without the "wigs" it is no less interesting! Vinogradov really managed to mark with a huge bold not only the enduring relevance of the fate of a single great Talent, but also to make the audience think about what Bulgakov himself thought of. And Alexey Annenkov played in such a way that he did not leave the spectator even a hint of doubt. However, he is not the only one who plays brilliantly in this performance. Bravo! Bravo to all! Go to the theater!

Yulia was 27 october on MOLIERE

The actors play beautifully, BUT in what state the hall was killed !!!! The scenery leaves much to be desired (((((why in less famous theaters, halls and scenery is much better ???? here it put me in a dead end ((((((

Yulia was 20 october on Tram "Desire"

Great performance !!!!! Blanche is beautiful !!!!! Excellent set))))

Natal`ya was 23 october on "The leader of the Redskins"

Great performance! Actors with heart and soul! Well done! Loved the dance with the pumpkin !!! So much internal content that everything is clear without words! Bravo, Zheleznov Michael! So much expression! The boy is a real devil, a beautiful plant! Bravo, Burov Stanislav! Especially with the use of acrobatics! Excellent played Sam Pogarsky Denis, a real "brain of villains" and the head of a small gang. Bravo!!! Thank you very much for the play, Sergey Vinogradov !!! I remember you very well in the series "Countess de Monsoreau". I think, as a director, you are beautiful! We went with the whole family and had a great rest from real life! Thank! Nataliya Yudina 89104092712

Nataliya was 15 october on Pygmalion

Wonderful performance! An unbroken and interesting production, vivid scenography, a worthy play of actors - there was something to laugh and think about.

Nataliya was 15 october on Skull from Connemara

This is interesting, exciting - I definitely recommend watching!

Andrey was 17 september on Anonymous star.

Kind, slightly naive performance, after which there is the impression that at the end of the events, everyone will be healthy and happy). In the course of the play, only the goose that the freight train has moved suffers. The silent and quiet deaf life of the deep Romanian province does not even affect the appearance of the pure and unblemished girl Mona, and then the loving and devoted her husband. After this performance, it seems that the unhappy Mademoiselle Kuku, as a woman, finally finds her happiness with her colleague Marina. The music teacher will complete his oratorio, and the courier train will stop at this station for at least half an hour, so that the metropolitan residents, clogged with vanity, will breathe the air of universal good and peace. This version of the famous play is a session of psychotherapy. Go, if you feel bad, and you will immediately feel good. For the first time I read the text of this play in the distant year of 1972, I watched different versions of this play, including a musical, in different languages, but this pious, blissful version was first seen. Obviously, she has the right to exist!

Andrey was 05 september on Tram "Desire"

25 \ 08 Selivanova "lit"! So keep the pause not all actresses can. Very good setting .. I recommend to view.

Tamara was 01 june on Tram "Desire"

The stunning staging! Actors (Cat, Selivanova, Zheleznova, Gagiev) fascinated and intimidated at different moments of the game. I was brought to tears, which I rarely allow myself in the crowd. Thank you for a pleasant evening.

Ludmila was 20 march on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

Have been with my son for 5.5 years. We liked. Live, dynamic, child-friendly performance.

Natal`ya was 22 january on Anonymous star.

With the soul, a harmoniously staged and played performance. I join previous reviews. 01/19/2018

Nataliya was 22 january on Queen of beauty

Stunningly beautiful!

Nataliya was 05 january on Lonely West

Magnificent game of Mikhail Zheleznova in the beautiful performance of Sergei Vinogradov, staged on the play of the talented playwright Martin McDonagh - all epithets exclusively in superlatives. Who doubts whether to go to McDonagh - go!

Gennadiy was 05 january on Wedding of Krechinsky

The performance was staged soundly, the actors played remarkably well. After watching, there was a very good impression, the festive mood intensified many times!

Ol`ga was 27 december on Girl on the Ball

Mono-performance Since when do I like solo performances? Now I can not answer, but I love them! And every actor who decided on such a project, I think not only a bold, but a mature, accomplished actor, aware of his strength. The actor in the solo performance is a man-orchestra! In the play "The Girl on the Ball" such hero and man-orchestra actress Sofya Vilenchik. Sofya Vilenchik is an opening for me. I first saw this actress and immediately in a solo performance. And I am amazed by her talent! Imagine: New York. Girl Olga is 13 years old, left with her parents from Russia. And this girl talks about her life, about the world around her, about the experiences and feelings that overwhelm her. She tells about people around her, she remembers her big family, who has stayed in Russia and reflects. He tells us very vividly and colorfully, touchingly and in a childlike way. But the most important thing is that it is very sincere! And now we already know everything about her parents, about grandmothers and grandfathers and their destinies. We know about the first Olina in love and the first disappointments. We know how she treats Americans with their "glued" smiles to their new compatriots. This girl is impossible not to admire! It is impossible not to sympathize, experiencing with her everything, everything, about what she shares with us. Very bright and kind play was produced by the director Natalia Dmitrieva and the actress Sophia Vilenchik. Alive, dynamic and easy. Giving the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of the child and makes us think about relations in the family, and that our loved ones are not always an open book. The performance, during which each of the spectators is dipped during the early youth, trying on the feelings and judgments of the teenager. Thank you! Go to the theater!

Dmitriy was 15 march on Pygmalion

Pygmalion really liked, I advise everyone

Anastasiya was 31 december on Pygmalion

Excellent performance with a subtle British humor

Olgabarbe was 08 march on Pygmalion

Beautiful scenery, costumes, live actors, everything was great!

Natal`ya was 31 december on Pygmalion

A wonderful performance! A great acting game. We watched on December 31 - a magical holiday mood!

Dmitriy was 19 october on Pygmalion

Thank you for the bright statement, for the boring actors and the pleasant atmosphere in the theater.

Nikolay was 31 december on Pygmalion

Got great fun! The staging, the actors' play, the interpretation of the text under the present - everything is very successful!

Larisa was 09 november on Pygmalion

November 9 were at the theater A. Dzhigarkhanyan. They gave Pygmalion. The play was watched with pleasure. Thank you.

Ludmila was 29 march on Pygmalion

Frankly, I regretted the money spent ... I did not notice the scenery or the play of other actors, and the whole play looked only at Eliza, trying to understand the idea of ​​the director who put an age actress to the role of an 18-20 year old girl. The cousin is amazing, but, alas, even with poor lighting and a good make-up does not pull at this age. I came in the hope of seeing the sweet love story of a young girl - let not the second Audrey Hepburn, but still ... And I saw only my aunt, representing a bazaar. Forgive me, but such kindness is complete in the metro during rush hour, and this "pleasure" is much cheaper. I now want to go to Sovremennik for the same performance - as a rehabilitation, so to speak, but first I'll see how many years the actress performing the main role ... I cross my fingers in the hope that at least 30-35 ...

Svetlana was 25 january on Pygmalion

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Ekaterina was 18 january on Pygmalion

Good afternoon! Very clever deep performance. Great acting game! Thank you! Got a lot of positive emotions! I will recommend to friends.

Elena was 03 november on Pygmalion

Wonderful actors, good scenery, great! But the mat was superfluous. Foul words are enough for everyone, why do they need us in the theater?

Roman was 12 december on Pygmalion

Great performance! Beautiful actors. At the theater named after Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, we went with friends simply because we went to a play in a different theater a little earlier and were extremely disappointed, I really wanted to see the production and play of real, professional actors! This is exactly what we got at Pygmalion! The play looks on one breath!

Ol`ga was 31 october on Pygmalion

Very pleased! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 18 january on Pygmalion

Everything was great, as well as always.

Bogdan was 08 march on Pygmalion

Wonderful statement. A lot of positive. What should be on March 8.

Ang.Anosov@Gmail.Com was 10 may on Pygmalion

I really liked it.

Oksana was 19 october on Pygmalion

The show did not like, they left in the intermission

Nataliya was 12 december on Pygmalion

We love this theater very much. We like all the costumes, music, the very essence. Thank you!

Tamara was 03 november on Pygmalion

The play "Bankrupt (Its People Are Considered)" is a traditional classical theatrical production, but somehow a puppet show, like at a fair ... The actress's play is replayed, as in a school theater group. . As Sanislavsky would say: "I do not believe it!" The only one who truly repaid was the merchant Bolshov.

Tata was 12 april on Pygmalion

Great performance !! We are delighted!

Svetlana was 10 may on Pygmalion

Super! I really liked the performance! Thank you so much!

Visitor was 03 november on Pygmalion

Liked. Thank you.

Elizaveta was 19 october on Pygmalion

Good evening, everything was great, starting from the "hanger" and ending with an excellent game of actors playing! We received a higher pleasure! Thank you and we will strive to visit you more often!

Mariya was 07 november on Pygmalion

It's an amazing story about how to become a lady or even a duchess from the usual flower girl. Reincarnation is not a long business, but what if you have an accent like a woman, and manners are even worse ?! Plus, a fraudulent father who is ready to sell you to anyone, just for some five shillings ... Help in this transformation will help and even give beautiful dresses. The main question remains: what to do next, with such a beautiful life ?! Feelings, attitude, composure are the main characters of the play. Brilliant actors who know how to convey a mood, emotions, experiences. And of course, a sense of humor ..

Lubov` was 18 january on Pygmalion

The topic of the script is useful, the actors play 4+, getting El. Ticket 5, no buffet 2! (at least provide water). The grateful spectator.

Uliya was 05 january on Pygmalion

I liked the performance very much. Artists are wonderful. The workers of the theater are very friendly and friendly. I plan to see other performances in this theater in the near future. Thanks to Bigbilet.

Andrey was 19 october on Pygmalion

Thank you so much! We and our friends really liked the performance. Very warm and warm atmosphere in the theater. Thank you. ..

Fil was 14 april on Pygmalion

Wonderful actors, beautiful work - what could be better? A very touchingly told story. The performance makes a pleasant impression, and the whole production, on the whole, breaks through the most gifted decembrists, some glass balls and so on. It is a pity that they made a mistake with this, but otherwise - it's wonderful.

Ekaterina was 18 january on Pygmalion

Good afternoon! Very clever deep performance. Great acting game! Thank you! Went with my husband, received a lot of positive emotions. We recommend everyone to see!

Natal`ya was 12 april on Pygmalion

Good evening! Very pleased!

Grigoriy was 16 may on Pygmalion

A great performance, the actors do not overact, everything is fine, except for one thing - the heroine must be much younger. well, really worthless to an adult woman held to play a very young person) and otherwise everything is fine!)))

Uriy was 31 december on Pygmalion

The play really liked

Visitor was 18 january on Pygmalion

We really liked the performance. A tremendous game of actors, which gave us a great opportunity to plunge into these difficult times.

Nataliya was 12 december on Pygmalion

The play was liked: a good atmosphere and a game of actors. It's not clear why the housekeeper is so young and flirts with the main character. And also sometimes excitement actor's skill shifting to scream. AT

Oleg was 08 march on Pygmalion

Thank you for the performance! Bright setting of the classic plot. Liked.

Valentina was 12 december on Pygmalion

The performance was wonderful but the barmaid was in such dirty clothes pay attention to it.

Aksi was 31 october on Pygmalion

Today, my husband and I went to this play. Before reading the reviews, a little upset that so many negative ... But getting into this atmosphere, I plunged into the game of actors! Maybe I saw very little of the performances and the actors' play, so the critic of me is not cool. But, I'm very happy! Time passed very quickly, the actors played, in my opinion, impeccably! Now I want to visit theaters as often as possible!

Irina was 12 april on Pygmalion

Great performance! Many thanks!

Ludmila was 12 december on Pygmalion

The performance really liked! Thank you!

Dmitriy was 28 march on Pygmalion

Wonderfully played, completely satisfied with the performance!

Mariya was 15 march on Pygmalion

Stunning performance of the actors and the feeling that you are participating in the action. The minus lack of air conditioning

Inna was 31 december on Pygmalion

Many thanks! I liked it very much. We will recommend to friends.

Ekaterina was 05 january on Pygmalion

Thank you for the performance! Overall I liked. The greatest impression was made by Misseous Higgins (A. Bashenkova) and Mr. Doolittle (Morozov AN)!

Vasilisa was 15 february on Pygmalion

Great performance! We will recommend, so it was like that we are going to reconsider. Many thanks to your service, it's very convenient!

Tat`yana was 27 september on Pygmalion

Yesterday, on September 27, 2014 was at the play. Alas, disappointed. I expected to see a comedy - but there was no sparkling humor. Expected to see the formation of a street girl in a secular lady - it was not. There was a crumpled, undisclosed story: the tie (familiarity of characters, the conclusion of a bet), the minimum of the main action (the episode of Eliza's acquaintance with the professor's mother), the denouement (the flower girl changed, the bet won, the main characters find out the relationship). The actress who played the role of Eliza, in my opinion, is completely different from the young flower girl. Neither externally (in the second act she sported in a dress with bare hands especially the debility and sluggishness of the body was evident), nor emotionally.

Elena was 31 january on Pygmalion

She had a wonderful Saturday night. A good actor's play is mesmerizing, you begin to experience with them.

Natal`ya was 25 april on Pygmalion

Thank you very much! I liked the performance very much! I received a big charge of positive emotions!

Lola was 11 october on Lonely West

I recommend! The performance is one of the best that I've watched lately! A few days was impressed! The game of actors fascinates! I agree with the author of the previous review - Mikhail Zheleznov fascinated his game! A bow and thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of this performance !!! All on the "Lonely West!" "

Marina was 28 september on Lonely West

Descend necessarily! We were yesterday, still do not let go. Insanely talented Mikhail Zheleznov! From his game it is impossible to tear himself away, he literally lives on stage, talently rotating to the audience a lot of faces of his hero. A very difficult hero! However, like everything at McDonagh. We necessarily go to other productions with his participation.

Evgeniya was 29 september on CHUMA ON BOTH YOUR HOME ...

The performance really liked! the play is delicious!

Angela was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Feedback on the play "We are waiting far, far away, not here." For the first time I was at the theater in August 2016 at this insanely talented performance in all respects !!! Dramaturgy, actors' play, musical design, scenery - everything is harmonious !!! I write and understand that until you see this Action, this my comment will be just an empty sound compared to the energy costs of the actors, the whole production group, with those emotions, new thoughts, feelings that are born to the viewer (I am personally speaking of myself) about Time and after viewing !!! Many thanks to the author of this dramatic story based on the stories of the Nobel Prize winner IB Zinger, director - director Yuri Klepikov and a brilliant cast! Especially I want to mention Stanislav Evenov, because he played the role of an elderly man twice his age than the actor himself, and did it so that he would not believe that he was about 40 instead of 80 years old!)))

Tat`yana was 02 june on Vassa

Vassa. What associations causes this word? First of all, of course, Gorky's famous play and her heroine. And, probably, among the people of the middle generation, the name of Vassa is connected, basically, with the name of Inna Churikova, who played it brilliantly. There were many statements of this play, and famous actresses played Vasya. Therefore, to enter the stage in the image of the heroine of this play is a bold step. And I must say that the actress of the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Xenia Khudob succeeded, in my opinion, to be a real Wasso - strong, tough, at the same time deeply feeling, and because of all this very unhappy woman. Later, after seeing Xenia's photo, How well this tough young Vassa played this young actress. The rest of the characters lost on the background of Vassy, ​​as well as in the play. I also really liked that there were real normal decorations that created the right environment. It was the first performance that I watched in the theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and I think that I will come here again.

Uliya was 14 april on We are expected far, far away, not here.

The performance really liked! The actors played sensually. Breathtaking spirit. Thank you!

Elena was 02 june on Vassa

Interesting, but would not go a second time ... not mine. But the game Xenia Khudby is delicious. Necessarily descending on it again.

Ol`ga was 02 june on Vassa

Great acting game! Bravo!!! Time flew by. I recommend.

Evgeniya was 20 september on Vassa

All the depth of the author's idea is conveyed with a great matchless game of Xenia Khuda. And in general, all the actors on the level. The performance was watched in one breath and did not notice how the time passed. I highly recommend it.

Anton was 09 april on We are expected far, far away, not here.

And the plot and the play are very much like. A wonderful game of actors. It was something to laugh at and reflect on.

Natal`ya was 02 june on Vassa

A wonderful performance that can not leave anyone indifferent! I especially want to mention the game of the female part of the troupe: Ksenia Khudoby, Olga Kuzina, Nadezhda Selivanova, Maria Kozlova. Very convincing, very real, strong, sad, sometimes funny, but extremely vital. About the actress Khudobe did not know before. Sitting in the 13th row, I was sure that Vasus was played by a fifty-year-old woman. What was my amazement when later I found out that Xenia was a young girl! This is a real talent, a real art! Also inspired by Olga Kuzina. She is simply charming, from her there is some kind of incredible magnetism. A pleasant surprise was that the performance was watched by Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan. It's amazing to see such a wonderful artist in the next row. His theater was a wonderful discovery for me. Now I want to see all the productions and bring my husband and friends with me. Separately, I want to note the affordable prices for tickets, a small cozy auditorium and a wonderful inexpensive buffet, which sells just divine cakes with cherries!

Valeriya was 02 june on Vassa

Emotionally difficult performance. Very unpredictable, explosive Vassa Zheleznova. Watching the play, you understand that Russian history is quite cyclical. I strongly recommend this performance. Since the emotional component has a significant shade of the grotesque, it is easy to relate what happens in your life to what is happening on stage.

Aida was 25 december on We are expected far, far away, not here.

First of all, we want to mark (with my husband) a wonderful aura of the theater itself. Impression that you are a direct participant of the action itself. The play gave an opportunity to think deeply about the depth of the relationship, because love is not in the sphere of feelings, which are very changeable, but in relation to people. The artists have coped with this task admirably. Thank you. We wish the theater prosperity and creative sold-out. I want to come to the play with the participation of Armen Borisovich "Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca"

Sergey was 18 january on Vassa

The performance is excellent! The game of actors (all without exception) is excellent, the energy was the strongest! All two hours of the play were just one breath away! I drew attention to the opinion of other viewers, reviews after the performance and a positive statement about the play developed not only with my wife, but also with many others! In addition to good staging, a huge plus is the availability of ticket prices and the convenience of the hall itself. We had seats in the 4th row, and there was a full sense of our own presence in the action, sympathy for the heroes, emotion. Definitely decided that we will definitely visit other performances at the Theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Mikhail was 14 november on Vassa

Thanks a huge performance and the actors' game was very pleased we will be happy to visit again the theater of Armen Borisovich

Dmitriy was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

I liked the performance very much. Excellent acting of actors

Anna was 02 june on Vassa

Recently visited the play "Vassa" in the theater under the direction of A. Dzhigarkhanyan. I liked it very much, I recommend it, my friends. Very much! Pervasive! And it's not about the revolution ... About love and parasites ... Very strong cast, played out everything - every gesture, every little thing. Vassa is an actress Kseniya Khuduba is a powerful game, and one can not even believe that a girl looking at a photo on the theater's website and Vassa on stage are one and the same person. Xenia is a smiling, kind and Vassa - a bundle of nerves, subordinating herself to everyone and everyone. Bravo!! I will also mention the performers of non-main roles, for example, the servant Polina (played by actress Dan Nazarova) - the role is only with a couple of remarks and appearances on the stage ... But Dana made her very memorable: in tongue, gestures, and glazischy! Of the 5 series all-all and without words it was clear. Thank you, dear actors and actresses !! And it is unfortunate that the hall was not completely filled. I will recommend this performance to all my friends.

Anna was 14 november on Vassa

Bravo! Gentlemen of the actors! Bravo! Producer! I highly recommend that you watch this performance for all theatergoers. Looks at the "one breath". A random live game is mesmerizing. Once again, BRAVO, gentlemen!

Tat`yana was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Went with friends. Pleasure is indescribable !!!! Stanislav Evenov and Svetlana Makarova - a miracle duet! Vitaly Chetkov and Uliana Chilindin-thank you so much! And what dances, costumes! Delight full! In general, a very good theater, everything is cozy, comfortable! And the democratic prices for tickets! I highly recommend, and it's not long to go, from the metro station, on foot it's literally 10 minutes.

Ol`ga was 03 december on We are expected far, far away, not here.

For a simple seemingly a history, very common, many different meanings: both direct and philosophical, for each hero. For each of them "not here" means something different, for each time and age these "relationships with finding oneself" will be different. About how 20 years ago and today "the same" situations, relationships and people can be perceived, that our decisions and reactions to what is happening will be different than before, we only get old and go through the path of Life. But it is worth it, together with Her "gifts" or "punishments." And what is considered so, everyone sifts himself ...

Elena was 19 october on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Unparalleled performance, an excellent performance of actors, received with the husband a great pleasure. The problem of loneliness, which not everyone can cope with is solved strongly, with longing and at the same time with humor.

Daniil58 was 05 april on Vassa

Got great fun! Last 5 years did not go to the theater, I thought that in Moscow a complete paralysis of creativity. But no! It's played clean, fresh, truthful! Rejoiced like a child posing! Accept from me and my two daughters a low bow to the theater company and Armen Wise.

Ludmila was 08 may on We are expected far, far away, not here.

A wonderful performance! Excellent actors! We got great pleasure! Thank you!

Denis was 08 may on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Thank you for your attention to my opinion! The actors played remarkably, looked with pleasure, laughed heartily. But I expected more from the production with this name. Greater philosophical depth, or something. I wish the theater success and congratulations on the holiday!

Tat`yana was 02 march on Vassa

Thank you for the performance

Aleksandra was 30 march on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Very tragic and touching performance, my husband and I enjoyed watching.

Elena was 03 may on Vassa

A wonderful professional performance of actors is a very high-quality work

Elena was 23 february on Vassa

The staging and acting of the actors are wonderful. They had a great time. Elena.

Tat`yana was 07 february on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Thank you very much! My husband and I enjoyed watching this performance! We will advise all our friends to see your performance. We wish good luck and prosperity to the theater!

Nataliya was 07 february on We are expected far, far away, not here.

A terrific performance !!! I liked it !!!

Kseniya was 26 january on We are expected far, far away, not here.

I expected more, I decided to start an acquaintance with the theater, having read about "Man of the Year 5768" for this performance. The performance was weak-Solovyova played well, only because of her sat to the end. From the first row, look hard-men Play badly, make-up does not give the necessary age. I live close by, so I'll probably give another chance to this theater-I plan to visit Pygmalion.

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