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Moscow State Musical Theater "New Ballet"

Feedbacks from viewers
Visitor was 21 september on FORTUNA vis LUCEM

Got a great impression. The skill and energy of the corps de ballet. I would recommend to friends. E. V. Kuznetsova

Visitor was 14 september on FORTUNA vis LUCEM

Congratulations on the grand premiere! Thank you for the unforgettable impressions of the magnificent dance technique and reflection on the ballet itself! I will gladly recommend the ballet to all my friends !!!

Visitor was 14 september on FORTUNA vis LUCEM

I liked it very much! Magnificent choreography and amazing energy of the artists! Thank!

Evgeniy was 26 september on Winter Rose

Everything was top notch! The performance is just great!

Ol`ga was 30 october on Transformation / Gone (the evening of one-act ballets)

September 13 at the Moscow Theater "New Opera" was at the premiere of one-act ballets "Gone" and "Transformation" based on the work of Franz Kafka. I tell you: everything begins with a simple stepladder and three silhouettes in a black garment. Personifying the elements of the wind, they fill the hall with a light, ephemeral whiff, woven into one pathetic image. However, in this story, unexpectedly appears the fourth character, desperately bursting into the struggle of the elements. Barely touching the stage with white feet, the characters turn their game into a merciless whirlwind, expressed in the music of D. Sollim and J. Haydn. The dance of black jackets, masterfully staged by Constantine Keichel, grows into a serious battle, brought to the limit. Three Winds are trying to drive out the fourth hero, not letting him go to the ladder, which, in all likelihood, symbolizes the path to God. The fourth person is stronger and already seems to be climbing to the sky, seeing a dazzling light before him, but he can not overcome this path. He falls backwards, thereby creating an ambiguous ellipsis at the end of the work. The second performance to the music of M. Weinberg makes the viewer think about the difficult fate of a person with all its vicissitudes and unexpected outcomes. The choreography of Cyril Radev tells us the story of a hero who became a hostage of circumstances. Like an increasing rain, a drop by drop, tension grows on the stage and reflects the whole dissonance of life, built on a synthesis of absurdity and ultimate logic. The main character's dance becomes the embodiment of true catharsis and the culmination of "Transformation." Sounds of a violin, hyperbolized images and original plastic help to see a new reading of the famous works of Kafka.

Valentina was 28 november on Dangerous ties

11/28/2016 visited the ballet "Dangerous Liaisons". Terrific! Modern choreography, masterful performance and crazy energy. Bravo!!!

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