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Theater-studio "Revelation"

Feedbacks from viewers
Aleksey was 05 january on The Frosty

Perfectly delivered. With great joy, I watched the faces of the children and the reaction to the actors' play — they simply fell into action. Visited with my daughter 4g. She really liked, I recommend.

Mariya was 02 march on The Frosty

Great performance, and a wonderful theater. A small room is very cozy for a very small viewer. We went with the child for 2.5 years. Loved it. During the performance, the actors play and communicate with young viewers, summon the stage, a wonderful decision! After all, everyone knows that the kids are not very assiduous. 5+

Natal`ya was 30 december on The Frosty

The daughter of the play and the play of the actors was delighted. The performance is designed for both very young and older children. The atmosphere in the theater is wonderful, the theater is small, but very cozy.

Ol`ga was 08 february on The Frosty

The presentation really enjoyed! The interaction of the actors with the audience during the performance helps the children to watch the performance more attentively and with interest. Thanks to your creative team for a holiday for children!

Tat`yana was 30 december on The Frosty

I liked everything very much! Thank!!!

Vera was 08 february on The Frosty

Thank you for the kind children's play! Be sure to come back

Viktoriya was 05 january on The Frosty

Perfectly! Feklusha very much!

Anna was 07 january on The Frosty

On December 26, they watched Morozko, and they really liked both children and adults.

Anna was 07 january on The Frosty

On December 26th, they watched the performance by Morozko with their son, they were very pleased. We bought tickets for Muhu tsokotuha.

Nataliya was 07 january on The Frosty

As always - everything is super !!! The only thing is that there would be fewer sweets in gifts, but they would be “childish”, minimally harmful.

Ludmila was 07 january on The Frosty

Very good. Particularly impressed Feklusha :)

Vera was 09 march on The Snow Queen

Thank you, I liked the performance very much!

Dmitriy was 04 january on The Snow Queen

Thanks, the child very much was pleasant

Anastasiya was 03 january on The Snow Queen

The play was very popular both for adults and for children. Very beautiful costumes, an amazing game of actors, well-chosen music. The only drawback is the very large breaks between the change of scenery (children are afraid of being too long in the dark). With pleasure we will visit other performances of this theater.

Lubava was 25 january on The Snow Queen

Thank you very much, we really liked the performance. The staging, acting of actors, costumes and the atmosphere of the theater are beyond praise. We will be glad to meet with you again!

Tat`yana was 03 january on The Snow Queen

Hello, me and 2 daughters (7 and 4 years) really liked the performance. Went on 01/03/2014. The actors play is wonderful, Vivaldi's music is in place. The lighting here, too, tried !!! Thank you very much that there is a place for surprise: the production is slightly different from the book history and the more interesting. Titaeva Tatiana

Rimmoula was 22 march on The Snow Queen

Very good performance, the child liked

Galina was 24 june on Do not be afraid to be happy

On the occasion it turned out 2 days in a row went to the theater, one of them watched this performance in the theater of Revelation, and I warmly recommend it to everyone. At any age. My husband and I went on the advice of students who were touched by the soul and everyone was close, despite very different circumstances and conditions of life. Life-asserting performance based on Arbuzov's play "My poor Marat".

Uliya was 26 april on Do not be afraid to be happy

Very good performance. We will recommend to friends

Dar`ya was 22 february on Do not be afraid to be happy

The fine atmosphere in the theater, the small auditorium perfectly immerses you in the actions taking place on the stage. I went to the theater with my sister, both of them liked the production very much, it made me think a lot, look at some things differently. I advise everyone to go.

Ekaterina was 17 november on Cinderella

I apologize for the late reply :) we ourselves could not go, my sister and daughter went to !!! as soon as she tells us her impressions, with pleasure they will share with you !!

A was 27 september on Do not be afraid to be happy

The performance is good. The actors liked the game. A bit tight. Reproduction of the "soundtrack" - "If you go away" would be recommended to cut to a slightly smaller amount.

Konstantin was 27 september on Do not be afraid to be happy

Great performance. You can go. Touching, there are a couple of thoughts you can think about.

Marat was 10 may on Do not be afraid to be happy

I liked very much, wonderful performance, super fashionable format (a small cozy theater) I think it will be in a trend, I would prefer to come to you instead of a big untwisted theater

Dmitriy was 22 december on Cinderella

Hello, Thanks for the performance, the children liked it.

Emiliya was 23 october on Do not be afraid to be happy

The performance is wonderful! The plot and the game touch to the depths of the soul. The atmosphere of a home theater, you can reach the actors by hand - from this, the immersion is even greater! Great pleasure from playing talented young actors! The soul is full of emotions and feelings! Would go to this play again!

Irina was 25 october on Do not be afraid to be happy

Were on the play "Do not be afraid to be happy," a strong thing !!!!! For those who think, seek their place in life, tired of stupidity and vulgarity! The very case when you leave the theater and there is more to think about and talk about! Teenagers just need to watch such things, and adults can not stop to look back on the path and on yourself!

Aleksandra was 22 february on Do not be afraid to be happy

Very, very much! Was with a friend, it was his first trip to the theater, after this production, he expressed a desire to visit the theater every month)))

Kirill was 17 november on Cinderella

everyone liked it

Petr was 13 november on Do not be afraid to be happy

There was 13-11-2016. A small cozy room, not close, but cozy. Comfortable armchairs - for 3 hours nothing has become stuck and has not ached, there is "that" theatrical smell. Production - 9/10. Mutual relations of the GG-ev have been touched, but I did not have a greater disclosure of the topic of the blockade. Too visually showed the whole weight of the experience. In the post-war period, this did not seem to affect the characters, which I can not agree with. However, the wife was delighted, cried, applauded and together with all did not want to let the actors off stage. Definitely worth going, watching.

Irina was 06 september on Do not be afraid to be happy

Very pleased! Thank you

Andrey was 30 january on Do not be afraid to be happy

A wonderful performance! We went on 30.01.16 with my wife. We received great pleasure. Three hours passed in one breath! The hall is small, but this performance only benefits from this. There was a feeling that I myself was in the besieged Leningrad. A performance with a deep meaning for middle-aged people, who already have questions: but did I achieve everything from what I dreamed of? If not all, then am I on my way to a dream? Or lowered his hands and resigned himself to the fact that children's dreams are not attainable? A remarkable slogan: "Even if only one day is left to live, it's not too late to start everything from the beginning"! The actors played excellent. So sincere, piercing, emotionally, that it was difficult to keep from crying. Actress Anna Popova - just delicious! A very talented actress! The actors Alexei Timoshin and Oleg Labozin are very complementary. In this performance - a wonderful trio! Thank you very much!

Raisa was 27 september on Do not be afraid to be happy

A stunning performance. I recommended to my friends who walked all were delighted. Thank you

Pavel was 07 june on The trouble is from a tender heart.

The performance is hilarious, the stage is small, the hall is cozy (though a bit stuffy). Thank you, great fun!

Alla was 13 february on The trouble is from a tender heart.

The play really liked: fun, funny! The actors play is amazing !!! Well done! I recommend that you go, the evening will be wonderful!

Anna was 28 june on flying ship

Very good performance! Beautiful costumes, actors sing well. My son (4 years) also liked it very much. He asks when we'll go to the Flying Ship. Thank you!

Nataliya was 28 june on flying ship

Was with her daughter on the "Flying Ship" on September 7. A very good performance. The actors and children were very enthusiastic, but there is one big "BUT" - if it's a musical, then I would like that the princess would have a voice (actress Ekaterina Beshanova), in extreme cases you can also under the plywood. I wanted to plug my ears ...

Nataliya was 14 june on flying ship

Elegant! We went with my daughter for 3.5 years. Of course for her, he was an adult. Thought 3+, but it turned out 6+. Then I had to explain things at home. But since PELI is GREAT - daughter is delighted :)

Elena was 07 june on The trouble is from a tender heart.

The performance really liked, it's not a pity for the time spent. The actors play is amazing, easy, funny. I recommend!

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