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Children`s Music Theater N.I. Sats

Feedbacks from viewers
Natal`ya was 24 august on Opera "Love for Three Oranges"

I did not like the performance. Many interesting stage decisions were found, but the voices of the artists were not impressive, except for the singer, who played the role of the Fairy Morgana .. Costumes are mediocre. A child of 8 years also did not like the performance.

Elena was 30 january on Ballet "AELITA"

The futuristic ballet is perhaps the most amazing production I watched this year. Gentle, excited duets, atmospheric group rooms. Emotions flow into the hall, forcing them to experience wonderful, touching moments. "This is about love." Perhaps more precisely you will not tell. About the love of the director and artists of the theater to music, dance and man. Thank you for the great pleasure I received from your performance.

Anastasiya was 06 november on Thumbelina

An excellent performance, we looked at one breath ... The children really liked the girls 7 and 13 years old ...

Galina was 04 august on Opera-Ballet "The Golden Cockerel"

Many thanks to the creators of the play, they watched the whole family. Great!!!!!

Irina was 11 april on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

Were with his teenage son (with all the consequences of adolescence) on the 10th minute of the presentation postponed the game and before the avatars sat spellbound ..... Bravo! It's delightful! And the music ...... no words.

Evgeniya was 15 march on Secret marriage

We were in shock ... very pleasant ... very much ... ironically, easily, voices - delight ... costumes - a separate topic ... idea - fire !!! Live musical accompaniment - the piano .. received great pleasure

Irina was 08 march on Opera "Carmen"

Wonderful performance! Especially I would like to note the excellent performance of musical accompaniment! We really liked it, we were with friends on March 7, without children. Friendly staff, wonderful scenery, costumes, staging and execution! Thank you.

Dmitriy was 26 february on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

This ballet! Obviously, not all age categories of children will have an understanding of the director's set, up to the action, scenery, light and of course the music of Tchaikovsky will affect any child's soul! I recommend to view!

Larisa was 03 november on Opera "Love for Three Oranges"

Wonderful performance! An interesting stage solution. This opera-tale, but the tale itself can be called the performance itself. The magnificent voices of the soloists combined with the artistry gave a real pleasure. Most of the children, except the youngest, watched the developing action on the stage. Recommendation to parents: for children under 10-12 years old, choose in this theater another performance, no less interesting, but more accessible to their perception.

Ekaterina was 05 december on Wizard of the Emerald City

Good afternoon. The impressions are generally good, but ambiguous. This is the first of many performances that we have attended in this Theater, which is really a bit like a children's morning performance ... The beautiful singing of the heroes is saved (because this is a musical), and in general the kindness of this work. Daughters liked 7 years. I recommend to pay attention to the age-old recommendations and not to drag the kids, the action is fairly measured, the kids are guaranteed to get bored - checked in practice.

Irina was 31 october on Twelve months

Thank you! We live in another city and the ticket was purchased on the Internet. No problems either with the purchase or with the visit did not arise. The theater met with a smile and a cordial welcome. As they say, the theater begins with a hanger: thanks to the theater staff for the prompt service, for the correctness, everyone was polite and friendly. I will note clean, odorless, light toilets. Great respect and thanks to artists, musicians, lighteners, sound engineers, costumers, stage workers for a quality performance, good effects, good vocal. The appearance of "snowdrops" is excellent! Maybe at the end of a little "magic" playing light add to the sun, eh? We liked the play very much, everything is very dignified. (we appreciated the availability of tickets and the amount of labor expended) Thank you very much! Creativity, success and health to you all!

Ekaterina was 10 october on ADDED TALES - PREMIERE

Hello! Edited an opera. Edible tales. And I liked the child and I really like serious topics - love, loneliness, bullying of those who are not like everyone else, Performance for younger schoolchildren, do not drag kids there. The opera and the adult are hard to understand and hear, there is nothing to do for the 3-year-olds.

Elena was 20 june on The Snow Queen

In my opinion, the best opera-tale in the theater Sats. After this magnificent performance, my daughter (9 years old) periodically asks for the opera. Bright costumes, excellent production, adapted for children's perception. Personally, I was impressed by the amazing diction of the actors - they almost did not "swallow" the words, unlike most opera singers (maybe just lucky with the cast of the performance?). I recommend it to everyone, go to this play with the children - you will not regret it.

Inna was 20 june on The Snow Queen

Were with my daughter (5,5 years) on January 2, 2014. The performance itself was very much liked. Relatively on a fairy tale and a film. Slightly reduced, but this is correct. Tickets were booked by phone. Girls are just a miracle - they prompted the best of the remaining places. Before the presentation - round dance around the Christmas tree with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Svetlana was 20 june on The Snow Queen

A good children's musical performance, the child is not completely ecstatic, but generally liked it. Theater Sats leaves a pleasant impression. With Bigbilet, buying tickets does not cause any difficulties, thanks.

Dar`ya was 26 september on The Adventures of Ludwig and Tutta

We went to the play with my daughter for 7 years. Very pleased! Touching, kind performance. Beautiful costumes, a live band! With pleasure we will come to this theater again. Many thanks!

Svetlana was 17 december on Morozko

They visited the opera Morozko on December 17. Children: senior 6,5 years, younger - 5 years. The organization of all processes in the theater is good. The performance left two impressions. The scenery, light, sound, costumes - everything is fine. But periodically, even I'm an adult, I caught myself thinking that I lost the thread of the story ... I understand that this is an opera, but it's a children's opera, you need sound, lighting effects and additions so that the children's attention is not lost. Surprised self-propelled sled. Frosty - very impressive. The cabin is posh. Solid 4+

Dar`ya was 19 april on Andersen's Tales

Excellent cheerful and bright setting. My son (7 years) really liked it.

Schek was 28 june on Andersen's Tales

We really enjoyed! Wonderfully sang, played, the child listened with his mouth open. I liked the guinea pigs! Recommended, a good modern setting for children!

Anna was 30 march on Andersen's Tales

Very nice fairy tale! But the first-grader bit tired of the first act - he was ready to calculate that this is already the end :)

Denis was 23 october on Royal sandwich

The performance is colorful, the actors play from the heart, the plot is very simple. To the son of 6 years, very much it was pleasant. He said that he wants to come here for some more performance.

Anna was 13 june on Twelve months

A stunning performance !!! Went with children 5 years. Children and adults were delighted. Children after the performance for a few more days sang "Burn, Burn Clearly" The best score for the performance, I think. I advise everyone. Excellent scenery (as always in Sats), and though they were sitting in the amphitheater, everything was perfectly visible, although of course, far from the pit. The hall is full, but the turns were observed only in the toilet.

Visitor was 06 january on Twelve months

Absolute delight, regretted that they did not buy flowers. Costumes, dynamics, development of the plot is not standard. Impressions of children are the best. The children were 4, 5 and 6 years old.

Gasmina was 28 december on Twelve months

Yesterday we were with a child of 7 years and very satisfied. Thank you very much for such a spectacular performance for our children! Scenery, costumes, and most importantly the game - everything was at the highest level! I did not think that my son would like opera, ballet - he is delighted! We will return and more than once! THANK YOU!!!

Ekaterina was 10 october on Lord of the Flies

Thank you very much for the performance, I was very impressed, just did not seem childish. We really liked it!

Elena was 13 november on Opera-Ballet "The Golden Cockerel"

They watched the performance with the whole family. Magically! I was glad that there were a lot of children in the hall and they responded well to everything that happens on the stage. Music, quality performance of opera parties pleased. Separate words about costumes and decorations. Such a riot of colors, expressiveness, truly Russian expression of the very essence, the spirit of Pushkin's brilliant fairy tale has never been seen! It is clear now why Diaghilev's "Russian Seasons" (and the play is a retrospective of the "same" production) had such success in Europe at the beginning of the last century. And the more it is clear how the stereotype of "all Russian" was formed abroad, but the main thing is that it is truly talented, beautiful, and classically theatrical. I highly recommend to go.

Svetlana was 05 october on Opera-Ballet "The Golden Cockerel"

The play with very bright decorations, with the beautiful music of Rimsky-Korsakov. A fairy tale that combines both ballet and opera (the idea of ​​Diaghilev (post 1914) was revived.) I highly recommend a play that I recommend to parents with children and adult audiences.

Dinara was 25 april on Ballets "Polovtsian Dances, Chopiniana, Scheherazade"

Thank you, received a great deal of satisfaction. We will come yet.

Yakati was 02 june on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

A wonderful ballet, great music. For several hours plunged into magic. The child remembers and loves the "Nutcracker", thanks to this production! NI Sats Theater is one of the favorite theaters.

Ludmila was 02 june on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

Were at the ballet with two children for 6 years. At once I will say that the children liked everything very much, looked with interest, they already knew the tale. For the children's impression, I think that was enough. Be sure to reduce the children. And from myself I will say that the impressions are not enough, there is no development of the plot before the apotheosis. Even in the famous musical place, goose bumps did not run. I think the production of Tsiskaridze failed. And, maybe, the scene is too small to create a performance, which would cause delight.

Natal`ya was 02 june on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

Simply super !!! Were with the child 7 years old, She was sitting as spellbound. All very much.

Galina was 13 october on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

The performance is amazing!

Elena was 13 october on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

The ballet is amazing! In the theater there was a first time, delight and a lot of impressions. Today we bought tickets for Snow White.

Galina was 13 october on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

I really liked both me and the child for 6 years. Many thanks!

Elena was 13 october on Ballet "The Nutcracker"

The ballet is amazing! In the theater there was a first time, delight and a lot of impressions. Today we bought tickets for Snow White.

Natal`ya was 03 june on Thumbelina

I consider this theater one of the best children's theaters in Moscow. For the first time looked in it with a daughter of 3,5 years "Thumbelina", and then many other performances. We always take tickets for 1 row, thus proving to be participants in the action. I, an adult, have a feeling that I myself am in a fairy tale. In my opinion, this theater combines a building, with love built for children, a wonderful repertoire, good actors, and I have never seen such scenery anywhere else. I recommend for people of all ages.

Natal`ya was 27 april on Opera "Carmen"

The chic production and fascinating costumes create an atmosphere from which it is then difficult to get out about 2 weeks, and the arias are sung to this day, not by the voices of the actors, but by ours, but pestered for a long time. Thank the actors, the director-director. Klasika, beautiful!

Aleksandra was 06 october on Thumbelina

Wonderful good performance. Have been with my daughter for 5 years. The child looked fascinated. The voices are gorgeous, the costumes are original. We really enjoyed. It is through such productions that children should be introduced to opera art :)

Uliya was 18 october on Opera "Carmen"

Many thanks very much liked the show to me and my 11 year old daughter.

Svetlana was 17 may on Swan Lake ballet"

Thank you so much for the pleasure you have received from visiting the ballet in your beautiful theater. The wonderful atmosphere and amazing play of the actors gave us an unforgettable experience!

Elena was 24 june on Snow White

I liked the performance very much. The child is delighted! Wonderful costumes. Many thanks.

Alena was 20 april on Snow White

The performance really liked! Thank you!

Svetlana was 09 march on Snow White

Many thanks for the pleasure

Natistomina was 09 march on Snow White

Representations and performances in the theater. Sats is always on top. The form of the operetta in which this performance is staged is very suitable for small viewers who might not understand or hear, if in the play they only sang, as in opera. This performance was liked by children 6 and 7 years old. Although some points are not very successful, for example, the introduction of a raven (or crow), which explains in the second part what to do and what happens. A small comment about the theater itself: when the play is already finished, I would like to open another door for the exit, otherwise a crowd is formed, which it is rather difficult for children to wear out.

Tat`yana was 12 october on Wizard of the Emerald City

The play was liked, the only drawback was the unusual version of the fairy tale for us, that the girl was called Dorothy, not Ellie and there was no lion as a hero in search of courage.

Natal`ya was 12 october on Wizard of the Emerald City

I liked the performance very much. Cheerful, kind, instructive. Many thanks to the actors and the director. Come to this theater is still necessary!

Anna was 30 june on Cat house

The first time was with his son (1.4 years) at the theater. In general, the impression is good, but there are also disadvantages: there are too many people for a children's play and a poorly organized seating for this very people.

Polina was 30 june on Cat house

Our most favorite performance, my little theatergoers have seen a lot already. First: it is an opera for a friend of all cartoons. Second: it's perfectly beautifully played. Third: it happens quite in a chamber setting, close to the children and the whole play lasts no more than 40 minutes. Fourth: the theater is very nice and it is necessary to walk for it. Fifth: we saw this performance twice and our raptures do not fade. Go necessarily from two years for sure!

Nadegda was 30 june on Cat house

Were late in May, tickets were taken in advance because they sold out very quickly. I really wanted to take the child (2.8 g.) To an opera, and even one of our favorite fairy tales. The presentation takes place in the theater hall, which in itself is not an ideal place for acoustics. Seating Theater (chairs in rows one after another on the same level), in the first 7 rows are children without parents, the rest (adults with children) behind them. Lord organizers, have you tried with little children sitting on 10 or even further arranged rows to see something and hear the actions on the "scene" ?! Which by the way is not present. The whole performance, I and many other parents were standing, holding children in their arms, otherwise one could look in the back in front of the sitting adult. The scenery is as if taken from a school mug ... Fortunately this is not our first theater and there is something to compare. We also wanted to come to Teremok's fairy tale, but after Koshkina's house you did not have a foot.

Ol`ga was 29 june on Cat house

Everything is super! It is better not seen! Thank you!!!!!! We want to go again on 20.09!

Galina was 10 april on Ballet "The Blue Bird"

I liked it very much

Visitor was 16 june on Cat house

A wonderful play for preschool children. Wonderful voices, bright costumes, live music. The audience is babies from 10 to 6-7 years old, all eyes are burning, half-open mouths. Thank you, Theater! And again, if you did not know: if your baby is sick and the ticket is already bought, do not worry: for this "overdue" ticket you can get another day for any performance on vacant seats. This is the RULE of the theater, established by Natalia Sats!

Irina was 14 may on Ballet "The Blue Bird"

I visited the ballet with my son for 10 years, I and the child enjoyed the ballet. Although the production departs from the text, but this is justified by the specifics of the ballet work. Preliminary reading of the book is mandatory.

Natal`ya was 19 october on Cat house

The play was liked by the children and their mother. Did not like the behavior of adults who sat in the front rows despite the rules.

Irina was 20 october on Ballet "The Blue Bird"

Many thanks for the pleasure! Everyone liked it!

Aleksandr was 19 october on Cat house


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