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Матренин двор

Матренин двор16+

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Москва, Арбат ул., 26
01 h 40 min


Performance - Winner of the Vampilov Festival.


The premiere of the performance took place on April 13, 2008.

"... On the one hundred and eighty-fourth kilometer from Moscow on the branch that goes to Murom and Kazan, from the good half a year after that, all the trains slowed down almost as if to a touch." Passengers clung to the windows, went out into the vestibule: Is it out of the schedule?

No. After passing the train, the train picked up speed again, the passengers sat down.

Only the machinists knew and remembered why it was all.

Yes I."

A short story by AI. Solzhenitsyn's Matryon Yard, written half a century ago and published in 1963 in the journal Novy Mir, headed by A. Tvardovsky, became an event in literature, the word of truth about the fate of a simple woman - modest, conscientious, with a huge and bright soul.

"We all lived next to her and did not understand that she is the righteous person without whom, according to the proverb, there is no village, no city, no whole of our land" (AI Solzhenitsyn).

The idea of ​​creating a stage version of the story belongs to Alexander Mikhailov, he lived with this idea for a long time, until he shared it with Professor Shchukin School V.V. Ivanov - director of the Theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov. Desires coincided.

Vladimir Ivanov owns a rare director's gift of psychological analysis, the subtlest development of characters, combined with the author's precisely guessed intonation. These qualities were useful in the work on AI Solzhenitsyn's prose. In co-authorship with Alexander and Elena Mikhailov, who at one time graduated from the Shchukin School, the painter Maxim Obrezkov, the director and the author of the stage version, Vladimir Ivanov, the play "Matrenin Yard" was born.

The premiere of its final edition was held on April 13, 2008 at the small stage of the Theater. Evgeny Vakhtangov.

N.D. Solzhenitsyn respectfully approached this work and approved it.

The play "Matrenin Dvor" is a gift of Vakhtang people to the 90th birthday of Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn, a great writer and citizen.

The length of the performance is 1 hour 40 minutes without intermission.

The performance is recommended for viewers over 16 years old (16+).

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The performance, based on the story of Alexander Solzhenitsyn "Matrenin Dvor", acquaints the viewer with the world of simple village life.

Matryona did not care about her well-being, she did not make any money for herself-she lived modestly and helped others. She gave everything away, went to see her husband for war-she did not return, she buried six children, and died before the time at the crossing, not noticing the approaching locomotive.

But the memories of the righteous are alive, the neighbors and her guest will not forget Matryona, which means that the memory of her kindness and simple humanity will not be erased ...

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