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Ричард I I I

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Москва, Садовая Б. ул., 16
02 h 00 min


“Richard III” is one of the toughest plays about the struggle for the throne, in the center of which is the figure of the title character, written by Shakespeare as a fiend of hell. His Richard is a villain, a ruthless killer walking to the throne over corpses, while he is a bright, strong and talented person. Not justifying the hero’s crimes, director Nina Chusova reflects on the nature of his cruelty, originating in his unbridled desire for power. The performance of the Moscow City Council Theater is a parable-reflection on this thirst, the strongest of all human passions, in one way or another inherent in every person.
Richard performed by Alexander Domogarov is aware of the whole depth of his fall, but the “passion of power” in him is indestructible. He can’t get along with his conscience and makes his own sentence, going towards death.
Richard leads an insidious and cunning game with others. He has his own approach to each hero, with each he finds his own style of communication, which echoes all theatrical genres - drama, comedy, tragedy and even a musical - in the play.

Stage Director: Nina Chusova
Scenography: Vladimir Ereshko
Costumes: Louise Potapova
Assistant Director: Andrey Smirnov
Actors and performers:
King Edward IV - Sergey Vinogradov
King brothers
Richard - Alexander Domogarov
Clarence - Mark Vdovin, Vladimir Andriyanov
Queen Elizabeth - Ekaterina Guseva
Duchess of York - Olga Ostroumova
Lady Anna - Julia Hlynina, Daria Emelyanova
Buckingham - Vitaliy Kishchenko, Valery Yaremenko
Hestings - Dmitry Zhuravlev, Alexey Grishin
Stanley - Dmitry Scherbina, Valery Storozhik
Bishop - Mikhail Filippov, Victor Gordeev
Tyrrel - Dmitry Podadayev, Vladimir Prokoshin
Ketsby - Yuri Cherkasov, Anton Anosov
Rivers - Dmitry Fedorov, Anton Pospelov
Richmond - Alexey Trofimov, Pavel Usachev
Breckenbury - Vyacheslav Butenko, Leonid Fomin
Shore - Lilia Volkova, Yana Lvova
Court actor - Alexander Emelyanov, Oleg Kuznetsov
Sons of King Edward IV
Prince of Wales - Ivan Demchuk, Evgeny Guryanov, Kuzma Yaremenko
Duke of York - Alexander Boeshko, Savely Kudryashov, Maxim Panchin
Elizabeth - daughter of King Edward IV - Renat Ismagilov
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