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Moscow Drama Theater "APARTE"

Feedbacks from viewers
Evgeniy was 01 november on Fathers & Children

A wonderful reading of the play, a great play of actors, was a great pleasure ....

Svetlana was 15 may on Lorenzaccio

08.05.2018 visited the theater "APARTE" on Tverskoi Boulevard. We watched Lorenzaccio. The play is surprisingly relevant in our time, although the action takes place in Florence XVI century. In an amazing way, the play managed to convey memories, thoughts, torments. Maximum of actors playing with a minimum of scenery. What happens on the stage captures, makes you feel and think. An excellent play of actors. A remarkable work of the author of the stage version and director. Bravo! Svetlana, Natalia

Svetlana was 20 october on How Ivan Tsarevich walked the happiness of seeking

Thank you! The performance really liked! With pleasure we will come to other events!

Natal`ya was 14 june on How Ivan Tsarevich walked the happiness of seeking

We really liked it, thank you

Alla was 24 october on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

were with their daughters 5 and 9 years. We watched both with pleasure! The performance is clear in the text, but all are presented with a good sense of humor! Gvidon, princess of the swan and Baba Babaraha are the most ridiculous !!! I was laughing! Despite the small stage and a small number of scenery, my husband and children were very pleased with the performance! Thanks to the actors and the director!

Dmitriy was 16 november on The collection of motley chapters ...

Acting skills are super. The production work is excellent. The absence of a single canvas in the heads + intermission, together with the tightness of more than 3 hours hard to endure .. In addition, the production has no idea, except the popularization of Pushkin's works, which can be written in minus the director or script writer. As a result, a set of scenes has appeared where young people demonstrate their talent and nothing more. There is no alcohol in the buffet. And this is a minus to management. It's easy money and it's a sin not to pick them up.

Vlad was 07 june on The Inspector. 1835

Everything is fine, bravo!

Elena was 01 october on About Love Ranevskaya

The play "About Love Ranevskaya" has been around for about a year as one of my favorite performances. And every time it is different. You can compare it with a good book, re-reading which you always find new and new knowledge, sensations. The performance is amazing and its direction - the classics on one side and modernity on the other are incredibly intertwined, and on the other hand - a delightful cast! Also for me, in love with the author of the play - Chekhov, it is important and expensive that the atmosphere of his work is preserved. And it is impossible not to say about the incredible game of Eugene Dobrovolskaya! I have never met such a Ranevskaya in any theater! It's a si-second, real, here and now. Sometimes there is an inner feeling that at first was Ranevskaya performed by Eugene, and after that the "Cherry Orchard" by Chekhov appeared. So I want to say a lot of thanks to the theater, and everyone who worked on this production! This is a true theatrical miracle!

Nina was 13 march on About Love Ranevskaya

I liked the performance very much. Thanks to the actors for the wonderful game. Especially E. Dobrovolskaya. She is the real star of this performance! Even thank all the staff! It was very nice!!!

Visitor was 19 december on About Love Ranevskaya

Thank you so much! The performance really liked! Especially I liked how they played E. Dobrovolskaya, Orel (Lopakhin) and girls who played the daughters of Ranevskaya. I liked everything, the only thing in the room was a bit stuffy.

Oksana was 06 october on Solaris.Cognition

I liked the performance very much, D.Efremov slightly disappointed. Thank you.

Elena was 29 june on Fathers & Children

Very beautiful story turned out. I was with the children of the 8th grade, they liked it.

Svetlana was 29 june on Fathers & Children

The production was impressive. The play was looked at in one breath. A wonderful game for young actors. We bought tickets for the premiere of the "Stationmaster" in Apartha I hope to get no less pleasure.

Sofi was 18 february on Fathers & Children

Modern reading with dialogues strictly according to the text, even the name Fathers & Children Dynamic, media, eclectic performance is more about love than about denial. A scene without a pedestal, spectators on the sides and look at the opposite rows, but the awkwardness quickly switches to an excellent actors' play. The main advantage of the performance that I want to say to the actors is "I believe" - ​​everything is so natural, subtle, really. Believe that Bazarov, could wear a sweatshirt and torn jeans, and Nikolai Petrovich in sports pants with pockets and shoes. And modern clothing today better conveys the character of the hero than clothing corresponding to the time of writing the novel - the ordinary viewer is still far from the history of fashion. This is not just clothing - it's an image that we associate with a certain type of person. The scene is mobile, everything you need already on the stage - if the gun is hanging, then it necessarily shoots. The performance without intermission, looks at one go. The narrative reads "voiceover voice", the emotional component is fueled by photos and light effects. In the play there is a lot of modern theater - nihilist friends echo Bazarov's words - a technique often used not invented at the time, Vysotsky's song at the end and the whole plot is split into episodes, with a change in the color of the carpet on the stage instead of the punch. And above all this is love, which is stronger than nihilism, but which can not be easily seen behind conversations about the structure of mankind.

Tat`yana was 30 november on Oblomov.Episodes

Thank you so much! The performance is wonderful!

Alekv was 23 november on About Love Ranevskaya

Many thanks to the Theater and the Actors for a wonderful evening !!! Immediately I wanted to read Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard", so the next day I went to the store and prolonged the pleasure, already reading the play. I hope that I will come to see the play again. Evgeniya Dobrovolskaya is a real Prima, she is simply delicious! Special thanks for the affordable pricing policy in the buffet!

Igor` was 22 october on The Inspector. 1835

Dynamically. Fun. A great game of actors. I hope that the rest of the performances are just as wonderful.

Natalia was 22 january on About Love Ranevskaya

The play touched the depths of the soul. It seems to be the "Cherry Orchard," what could be new in reading the "old as the world" problem? However, the production, delivery of material and most importantly, an amazing game of actors! And Dobrovolskaya is beyond criticism, it's truly a national artist, you can say "deep, penetrating, strong!" But the whole theater company is on top. They play with dedication, inspiration and very expressive. The performance is deep and philosophical, but it looks at one go, is not tightened, alive and life-affirming, despite the problems mentioned. Thank you! I will definitely go to this theater! Sincerely Sapozhnikova Natalia

Dmitry was 10 june on Bung

Great performance! Magnificent actors! Looks at one go and in just an hour or so you experience the full range of emotions. For a long time I did not produce such an impression. Above all praise. I'm sorry that we were late and did not buy flowers on the run to thank the actors, they deserve it unconditionally. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Elena was 22 april on Trouble from a tender heart

Great performance. The actors played and sang from the heart. I recommend everyone to watch!

Kseniya was 31 january on Do not part with your loved ones.

I really liked the game actors! All young, emotional, touching. Antonina Komissarova a great fellow! Her final scene takes on a lively, tears of her own appear ... Bravo to the cast and directors!

Mariya was 11 june on Do not part with your loved ones.

Great performance! The actors were pleased with the game. The guys tried, laid out 100%. Performance in a retro style, perfectly recreated the atmosphere of the 70s with a touch of Soviet romance. Final scene "I miss you, Mitya!" The brightest, she turns, shocks, the strongest experience! The play is worth watching young couples!

Elena was 29 may on Do not part with your loved ones.

Were with friends at the play on May 29. I liked very much, the artists are young and talented. Perfectly reincarnated, playing several roles in the play. The last scene impressed to tears - an excellent performance of actors. The room is small but cozy. I am sure that we will come to this theater more than once. I recommend going to this play!

Aleksey was 18 june on Pity fool fool

We watched the pre-premiere show on a new stage in Taganka, based on Sergey Rubba's play "Juliette". Absolutely did not expect such a bright and wonderful performance! The performance was looked at with pleasure, in one breath, which is not lost by the interval, - the play takes two hours without a break. Xenia Mon Sor (Juliette) is gorgeous. This actress has her own zest, her stroke of play. Absolutely excellent Matvei Zhiznevsky in the role of magician Rakhmanov, Maxim Mikhalev (Barabantsev), Ivan Loskutov in many "passing second roles," Maria Govorova (Emma Georgievna) and other actors. All looked as the uniform harmonious mechanism. Good, strong and beautiful performance. Good, strong and beautiful performance.

Irina was 11 june on Do not part with your loved ones.

Was at the play on April 11. Crazy about playing actors! Surprised by the way they from the first seconds took possession of the attention of the audience and took them to the distant past! Bravo! In the end, emotions just overwhelm. Thank you for this "life lesson"

Andrey was 17 june on Agatha Christie. Detective.

I liked it very much, an interesting detective story with an unpredictable finale, actors well done ..

Konstantin was 17 june on Agatha Christie. Detective.

Very good performance. We advise everyone to go. Two hours passed unnoticed, actors well done !!!! Thanks for the pleasant emotions.

Mihail was 17 june on Agatha Christie. Detective.

Very interestingly delivered, the actors play is not limited to the stage, the light is perfectly set and the musical accompaniment is picked up, the emotions are only positive! The only drawback - a small room and not the most convenient arrangement of seats ...

Albina was 10 december on Agatha Christie. Detective.

A wonderful game of actors. Thank them for such delightful emotions and impressions.

Anastasiya was 01 november on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

I was with my son for 9 years at this play on November 1st. He had read this fairy tale just two weeks before the play, and he was curious to compare the original with the production. A great game of actors! Thank you!

Sergey was 13 june on Agatha Christie. Detective.

The performance was similar to the screen version, but at the same time it was a real theater

Irina was 14 may on Do not part with your loved ones.

The play "Do not part with your loved ones" is very fond! Bravo!!!

Alena was 01 june on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

A wonderful idea. We were satisfied.

Natal`ya was 20 april on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Thank you very much very much

Visitor was 20 april on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Fairy tale very much.

Uliya was 22 march on Agatha Christie. Detective.

The performance is weak, although the work itself, on which the play is staged, is very interesting.

Ol`ga was 26 january on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Great performance !!!

Viktoriya was 11 june on Do not part with your loved ones.

Wonderful performance! Young talented actors! Creative approach to the production! I am delighted! I advise everyone I know and would go again with pleasure! Thanks to all!!

Tat`yana was 26 january on The Tale of Tsar Saltan

Many thanks for the performance. The sea of ​​ecstasy. Like very much. I did not want to lose my ear. We will definitely come again.

Kristina was 17 november on Agatha Christie. Detective.

Really like it, two hours in one breath)

Elena was 26 october on Do not part with your loved ones.

Thank you! I liked the performance very much! It was possible to reflect well the whole atmosphere of the 70s, a special Soviet romance!

Nataliya was 10 october on Bung

The performance was liked, good direction and the actors' play. Thank you.

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