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Russian Spiritual Theater "GLAS"

Feedbacks from viewers
Nataly was 27 september on The fairy-tale world of K.Chukovsky

Were at the play "The Fairy World of K. Chukovsky." I liked it very much. Fun, musical and funny. And I liked the small room.

Ol`ga was 12 february on We will live - we will not die!

As always, brilliantly.We are with you!

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115184, Москва, Татарская Б. ул., 29
02 h 00 min
The village, from which the youth leaves ... - so the society loses its moral values ​​and tragically breaks away from the foundations of being, predestined by God. Here lies the main cause of today's disorganization of society. Through the mouth of Shukshin's "freak," we realize this with sadness, but we are still far from the real arrangement of rural life, and more correctly - of our mother Russia.

Therefore, the Mother of God mourns for us, her unlucky children ... "In the past, the geeks were gigantic - for Gogol, for example, but we thought that the Gogol types were forever gone. It turned out that not forever, they just changed. Shukshin's "Chudism" has now acquired state significance, "wrote Sergei Zalygin.

At the heart of the performance are Shukshin's stories "Mother's Dreams", "The Wife of her husband went to Paris", "In the cemetery" and other journalism, notes from his notebooks and diaries.

The most terrible dream begins in the morning.

The old life is dead. The old ones are also dead. We buried the past in the village wells, under the thickets of unkempt grass, burned in the oven.

We exchanged rural tranquility for the city vanity.

Demons, devils everywhere. They fly in the air and slowly but surely push us to crimes and atrocities.

Do not even try. They themselves will help, push, and, finally, throw into hell fire.

Dreams, when they die, certainly become nightmares.

Messengers from the other world will definitely come and take their. The mower will suffer from terrible burns. A little girl will suffer from the inability to find out the truth.

But even the worst nightmare can not be compared with reality.

There is no family, there is no happiness. A secret heartache and constant insults lead a simple country boy to suicide.

Many people are cruel, callous, with anger in the heart. Why so? After all, they could be generous, sincere, attentive. What we could be, but did not.

It is better to be. Better!


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