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Feedbacks from viewers
Irina was 04 march on Musical performance

Easy performance, We watched with pleasure !!

Olga was 01 february on Pygmalion

Been 2 times! Naturally, we were delighted! Inimitable, beloved Olesya Zheleznyak !!! Gorgeous actress !!!! We recommend to everyone !!! You will not regret!!!

Olga was 31 january on Forest

Loved it !!! Excellent!!! Maria Aonova and Valery Garkalin - excellent, inimitable !!!! Recommended !!!!

Sergey was 10 december on Forest

The performance was absolutely disliked by its primitivism and flat humor. A lot of vulgarity and vulgarity. They went to actress Aronov, who is very respected, but did not get pleasure. I had to leave in the interval.

Irina was 27 november on Musical performance

Great fun with your girlfriend! They went especially on Olesya Zheleznyak, and participation in the performance of Semyon Strugachev was a pleasant surprise!

Ol`ga was 10 october on Forest

Bravo! The performance is just wonderful! Got a lot of fun! Great cast! We have the best impressions and desire to see this performance again!

Kseniya was 24 august on Pygmalion

In general, the performance is not bad, it is not prolonged, in some places it's fun, the artists tried, "O. Zheleznyak is simply super!" But the production is rather weak, the mise-en-scenes are shifted to the right-hand corner and only the backs can be seen to the spectators of the left side of the room and nothing is audible. A. Galibin on the stage mingles, mumbles, grimaces, weak; disappointed A.Maklakov, pleasantly surprised S.Bystrov - the actor has a huge potential! L. Golubkina is the real Prima! After watching positive and good mood is provided! Thanks to all the participants!

Inna was 09 jule on Musical performance

Went to the play with her husband. We often do not often at such events. Tastes are different. Here they received a wonderful light evening of humor, a charge of good mood for a week and pleasant memories forever. Those who want to laugh heartily without thinking about anything, to see the wonderful game of your favorite actors - here! You will not regret!

Anna was 25 june on Musical performance

For a long time I did not get such pleasure! An ingenious, easy performance, 2.5 hours flew by unnoticed.

Kate was 05 march on Pygmalion

Was at the play "Pygmalion" 03/01/18. I got the most positive impression. I want to express my gratitude to all the actors and workers of this theater, for such emmatsii! Incredible voices, artistry and beauty! Once again - THANK YOU !!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

Oksana was 02 february on Pygmalion

Were at the play 1.02.2018 with her husband and daughter 12 years. I was very glad that they liked the play and me, too. All the actors played wonderful, everything turned out, with no vulgarity and vulgarity. Easy, at ease, with confidence in the viewer.

Polina was 24 january on My wife's husband

I totally agree! The performance is excellent! And your favorite actors are just on top!

Galina was 15 january on Forest

I was at the play on January 12 with my husband. Thank you for the wonderful performance! The game of actors, musical accompaniment-everything was pleasant. The only thing I did not expect from the production of the classic is a few vulgar scenes. It seems to me that it would have been possible without them or somehow to beat it differently. Anyway, the show really liked it! Thank you! Still, about tickets on pin-code, it would be possible to check your tickets at the entrance to dial your PIN code, and not stand in line with the administrator and loudly tell her your code aloud. Not very comfortable. Despite these comments, anyway, got a good mood and desire to once again come to the theater. Another time, thank you very much!

Vitaliy was 04 january on Pygmalion

Was on the show 02/01/2018. Naturally sold-out. The performance is worth it. Light, unconstrained. All the artists played wonderful. Quotations of our modern politicians were appropriately inserted into the context of the play. I recommend!

Tat`yana was 29 september on Love potion

Amazing light, tickling, correct performance. Thanks to everyone who created it. 2.5 hours of healthy laughter and positive emotions. I recommend to all.

Visitor was 16 jule on You - not here!

The performance really liked! It's fun and with passion. The actors played great!

Ol`ga was 16 june on Forest

Very deep topics are touched upon. To actors - a low bow. Very bright characters. It is wonderful that the individual phrases, gestures, facial expressions of the actors add to the work of the present and support the audience's keen interest in what is happening. The human stupidity raised to the degree is startling! The tender naivety of youth touches. He admires a sense of humor in the expression of faces and gestures! However, in my opinion, the couple, in my opinion, vulgar scenes, does not add a performance of brightness, wit and meaning, but, rather, upsetting. Yet there already is! The age limit of 12+ does not fit here at all. I felt this especially sharply, because Was at the play with a 12-year-old daughter.

Lilya was 23 june on Love.Sobak@Tochka.RU

We went to the play at the Malaya Bronnaya Theater. Were enthusiastic! The performance itself is very relevant. And the game of Maria Aronova and Urgant - great. I advise you to go and get a lot of positive emotions - Bravo !!

Ol`ga was 17 june on Musical performance

We received great pleasure from the performance! Everyone laughed to tears! The actors were pleasantly surprised by their vocal data. Particularly pleased Semyon Strugachev! I will definitely recommend to my friends! The performance is suitable for a festive mood!

Evgeniya was 23 june on Love.Sobak@Tochka.RU

A terrific comedy! Light, dynamic! Time flew by unnoticed, I would like more and more!)) Maria Aronova is incomparable! And the topic is relevant, and the costumes are bright, and the show at the end. I recommend!

Boris was 16 june on Forest

The play really liked, though, it is not unambiguous. We got a lot of pleasure from the actors' play.

Elena was 18 november on Male fragrance

On November 18 they watched the play. Inga Oboldina, as always charming! Performances with her participation you look at one breath. Olga Lomonosova wins his game, femininity and ease. The time for viewing the performance flew by as one moment

Nikolay was 19 april on You - not here!

Modern comedy in the style of "comics." Very funny and unusually done, in a word - UMORA! I am delighted.

Oksana was 16 june on Forest

Perfect and easy to perceive performance. Aronova is always good, thank you!

Svetlana was 17 june on Musical performance

We just came from the theater. We got a lot of pleasure and a lot of positivity. All the actors are at the height, and Olesya Zheleznyak and Semyon Strugachev are above all praise! The whole hall laughed to tears, the performance was looked at in one breath, many actors were amazed with their vocal data .. .Highly recommend

Evgeniya was 19 april on You - not here!

The comedy will fly away !!! Great pleasure was given to Bobrov's game! He's just gorgeous !! The entire performance was baiting !, that neither the stage, nor the stomachs were grasped! I recommend to all! Someone who is used to the classics - "YOU - NOT HERE!")))) But those who just want to laugh 2 hours - welcome!)

Elena was 24 june on My wife's husband

Were with my girlfriend. Very pleased, very satisfied! They laughed heartily, thank you very much!

Evgeniya was 16 june on Forest

A stunning production! Russian classics are always relevant. Good actors. Looks at one go. The game of Maria Aronova and Olesya Zheleznyak is undeniable, but I saw Grishechkin for the first time on the stage, the game is amazing, I admire. I advise everyone to go. Easy and laid-back performance, cheerful mood is provided!

Valentina was 16 june on Forest

Very good performance, brilliant performance of artists, and of course - Maria Aronova!

Valentina was 16 november on You - not here!

Thank you very much, wonderful performance, great actors' play. To deal with bigbilet is a pleasure, everything is fast, clear.

Natal`ya was 24 june on My wife's husband

My friend and I went to this performance on August 18. Amazing actors play! It was a real holiday! Thank you so much!!!

Evgeniya was 17 june on Musical performance

If you want to laugh with all your heart, do not hesitate to go to this performance !!!! you will not regret! To all comedies - a comedy !!!!

Evgeniya was 27 june on Pygmalion

I would even say a very romantic comedy) easily and at ease, a wonderful production. Thanks to all the actors! Friends for recommendations, and beloved husband for such a gift!

Anna was 17 june on Musical performance

Great! Easy, witty, fun - today you rarely see such a thing in the theater. Sing live - another undoubted plus of the play. The reaction of the public - an ovation and a sea of ​​flowers - is natural. Bravo!

Evgeniya was 05 april on Male fragrance

Thanks to the director Pavel Safonov for staging such a strong and deeply dramatic performance! Thanks to the orchestra Inge Oboldina, Olga Lomonosova, Daria Poverennova, Anna Ukolova and Alice Grebenshchikova for creating such wonderful female characters on stage! Every woman sitting in the room in one of you could recognize yourself and cry with you and laugh with you. Daniel, thank you for your new job! For such a bright talented work! Bravo!!! Heartfelt sincere thanks! And I advise everyone to visit this performance in the near future! You'll like it!

Evgeniya was 02 march on Canary soup

This is a very beautiful, gentle and real play. Emotional, kind, vital. There is where to laugh, think and even cry. Amazed by the game of Tatyana and Igor. They are GOOD! Stunning scenery. I advise everyone to look at his life from the side with the help of this play, who knows, maybe he will help you not to make any mistakes.

Evgeniya was 18 june on Love potion

I recommend this performance! Maria Aronova and Mikhail Polizeymako are an amazing couple! Laughing up to the colic in the stomach)) this is the best performance in order to escape from the autumnal grayness! BRAVO!

Mariya was 17 june on Musical performance

I liked the performance !!! I recommend it to everyone.

Marina was 18 june on Love potion

Years 9 I wanted to go to this performance, reading reviews enthusiastic viewers of those years! And finally, on March 31, 2015 we finally remembered this performance and took tickets without even reading the last reviews .... We thought that once the play has been on the stage for 10 years, the tickets are bought up and people are going, so the play is really Good! But we did not expect this! The plot - no, a complete improvisation for the rage of the day! The script can be seen every day with news from the newsline: in Turkey, the light was turned off, the cost of a barrel of oil, the cost of tickets, cars, etc.! Such muzhduzboichik suits only for corporate, 30 minutes, joked - laughed, famous actors, drank - had a snack, it's easy and funny. But we are going to the theater for art, for a spectacle, and here - there is nothing .... It's a pity for my time and money spent. Very weak! No way!

Svetlana was 17 june on Musical performance

Svetlana. Were at the Premiere on April 9. In rapture !!!! Olesya Zheleznyak is super! Semen Strugachev is a CLASS! !!! Many and new Stars !!!!. With pleasure I would have looked again in another composition. The performance is easy, on one breath you look. By the way, Intermission is not needed at all ., T. 2 the action is short. Thank you all for participating in the play. !!!

Dina was 19 february on Canary soup

I read many positive reviews about this performance, but unfortunately I did not like this performance. At first it was very boring, I wanted to leave. By the end of the performance, it was sad and there was some depressing mood. I did not think that family life would be shown in this way, after such a performance young girls might change their mind about going to the registry office ...

Anna was 02 march on Canary soup

The play The Moscow vacation or the marriage of Balzaminova in the theater of the Taganka's commonwealth is just wonderful. Fun, dynamic, musical. The actors play is amazing. Matchmaker just super. I advise everyone to go, the rest is excellent.

Uliya was 04 february on Love potion

Yes, the jokes in this performance are mostly flat and vulgar, but there was also normal humor. And still the mood after this performance is good, well-received. In life, and so much negativity and stress, and here more than 2 hours you can just laugh heartily, cheer up, so to speak.

Shurshynchik was 30 december on Love potion

Aronova pulled out the entire performance) Very mediocre cabbage))) A good alternative to the movie comedy)

Ol`ga was 02 march on Canary soup

Great performance, in one breath. The plot is interesting. The original decoration is a transformer, nothing superfluous. Excellent game of famous actors. I advise you to go! There will be many impressions.

Elena was 18 june on Love potion

A cheap farce is the only definition I can give to this performance. Very disappointing a large number of enthusiastic reviews. A sight for people deprived of taste. The hero of Polizeimaco, repeatedly, during the whole performance, repeats "everyone earns as he can," and the heroine of Aronova pronounces the phrase "they came to see it" when she climbed under her skirt. Absolutely commercial "project" for fans of "Anshlag". We came out with the feeling that we were deceived, humiliated and robbed. They did not expect such a low-grade show from their favorite actors. After the first act, many spectators left.

Anton was 24 june on My wife's husband

The first part before the intermission-the accent on the mat, the demonstration of alcohol obscurantism for amusement of the female part of the audience, and the story itself about two deceived men of different psychological portrait, but finding common in their indignation, confusion, desire to take revenge on an ordinary woman who wants to live several Lives for one's own. In the second part - without a mat, nowhere, it's so modern and effective, well, a less laconic denouement. Even there were moments with a hint of humor. A typical modern vulgarity is like blockbusters for rubbing cabbage from an unpretentious crowd of townsfolk.

Lubov` was 24 june on My wife's husband

The performance is excellent, relaxed and laughed, super! Thanks to the actors.

Ol`ga was 23 december on Canary soup

Has received huge pleasure from performance. Vasilieva - a beauty, talented. Sklyar is irresistible, as always. I recommend to all!!! The plot of the play is life, as it is.

Mira was 18 june on Love potion

I did not like the performance. I began to realize that such shows aroused the demand of theatrical viewer, I came to the play to see my favorite actors and read many enthusiastic reviews, and in the end ... It's a shame for the viewer and the professional and favorite actors who play in it . Trivial jokes and cheap playes. It's a pity.

Tat`yana was 27 january on Pygmalion

A wonderful performance! Causes a storm of rapture, laughter! Olesya Zheleznyak is incomparable!

Vera was 22 december on Pygmalion

Great performance! It is also actual today! We had a great time! Olesya Zheleznyak once again struck us with her game! I recommend to all!

Galina was 09 december on Canary soup

The performance is very pleasant: and cry and laugh. Great game Sklyara and Vasilyeva .. I liked the mime, great acting game! Thanks to all participants and organizers

Varvara was 28 october on Canary soup

Were at the play 28,10,14. Thank you, were satisfied, very much.

Galina was 02 march on Canary soup

Only two actors on stage, but what! From the game of Tatiana Vasilieva and Igor Sklyar, breathtaking, cheeks the heart and a whole range of feelings and emotions! A good, kind and piercing play ABOUT LIFE AND LOVE !!! PS.Na scene was another actor (unfortunately, I do not know his name) with a small but important mission - to be a full partner without a single word. Impressive! THANK YOU!

Natal`ya was 17 november on Canary soup

Super! The game of actors, just class! Vasilyeva is a star!

Elena was 02 march on Canary soup

I love Tatyana Vasilyev very much, I consider her one of the best Russian actresses, the more offensive to see her in a weak performance. The artists tried as best they could, they played wonderful, only to play, unfortunately, there was especially nothing to be - the play was openly weak. And it's not even that sorry for the money spent, no, but sad and sad from what is clear why talented actors play in such "passing" performances.

Irina was 28 september on My wife's husband

We enjoyed watching the performance. Great cast and a great play!

Vyacheslav was 17 september on Forest

Aronov-my unrequited love! Iron-Aronov N2 !! It's a pity that there was no Garkalin

Ekaterina was 28 september on My wife's husband

The game of actors is great. Favorite talented actors ... The content is gone ... Alas, disappointed ... Almost all jokes about what is below the belt .... Not in my taste ..

Il`ya was 23 september on Canary soup

Really liked it! The actors play at altitude. My wife and I were very pleased. Thanks you ! For such a magnificent performance.

Anna was 02 march on Canary soup

Kind, gentle, delicate performance. "Laughter through tears". The acting is great! Thanks for the holiday!

Dar`ya was 22 october on Forest

Excellent production, a wonderful cast, flamboyant humor and inimitable Maria Aronova in the title role - this was the pledge of our wonderful evening. A cozy hall of the legendary theater, in which you forget about Moscow's October frosts and immerse yourself in the era of the past.

Lubov` was 21 october on Pygmalion

October 21 went to the play "Pygmalion" a big company. The performance caused two sensations. Zheleznyak played well, mainly because of her and this performance was chosen. Personally, I did not have enough action, many dialogues and they are tightened. But in general, the performance was liked)

Oksana was 15 october on Love potion

Perhaps the performance in places is a bit vulgar, but it fades against the backdrop of endless improvisations, witty jokes, wonderful actors. Sideli with a constant smile on his face. Thanks for the gift of a great mood!

Stanislav was 15 october on Love potion

I just cried, of course, of laughter. The actors play is gorgeous. Spectral is certainly a long one, it should be taken into account if you go on weekdays after work. I would once again go.

Aleksey was 20 august on Pygmalion

Thank you. Everything is fine. The performance is excellent. The evening was a success.

Ul`yana was 20 august on Pygmalion

Great performance! The composition is wonderful! We are glad!;

Ol`ga was 21 jule on Canary soup

Many thanks for the pleasure

Nata was 21 jule on Canary soup

The performance was excellent, just a little stuffy in the hall-the power of the air conditioner was insufficient

Ol`ga was 15 september on Pygmalion

The play is primitive, designed for the lowest intellectual level of the audience. The text is simplified and supplemented with scruples. Disappointed. But, the combine operators liked it! By the way, they were also playing badly. They did not play, they were making faces. I will not go to them again

Aleksandr was 15 september on Pygmalion

Spectal, the cast is magnificent! Especially would have singled out Zheleznyak as Eliza and Maklakov in the role of her father! Great charge of positive!

Zoya was 17 september on Forest

Good actors, funny production) had a rest and received a positive charge of emotions

Marina was 17 september on Forest

The performance is wonderful, fun and instructive! Thanks to Ostrovsky and the actors for the good mood. Maria Aronova is the best medicine for the autumn spleen! My friend was at the theater for the first time, in general in the theater, and the pancake did not become lumpy: his eyes burned, gratitude was sincere. Thank you!

Anna was 15 september on Pygmalion

A wonderful performance! Actors well done!

Uliya was 15 september on Pygmalion

I liked it a lot, thank you!!!!

Lubov` was 03 august on Pygmalion

Really liked it!

Svetlana was 17 september on Forest

Everything is just very cool. Thank you

Elena was 17 september on Forest

We liked.

Svetlana was 15 september on Pygmalion

Yesterday we went to the performance Pygmalion. Olesya Zheleznyak is incomparable. Laughter began with her first phrases. Very incendiary Alexey Maklakov played. Many thanks to all the actors. We received great pleasure from the performance. Well done.

Nina was 21 jule on Canary soup

A good story can be a good laugh and sink The actors' game as always at the highest level

Elena was 13 jule on Love potion

Merry performance! A wonderful play of actors.

Katerina was 14 jule on Forest

I liked everything very much, thank you very much for the introduction!

Elena was 03 august on Pygmalion

Thank you for a wonderful evening! The performance is amazing !!!

Irina was 18 june on Love potion

We watched on the 13th of July. A wonderful light show. Artists good fellows!

Anna was 30 august on Canary soup

The performance really liked! What can I say ... T. Vasilieva and I. Sklyar! A brilliant game, a life story, there is something to think about and something to rethink.

Ganna was 30 august on Canary soup

I liked the performance.

Ol`ga was 21 jule on Canary soup

A wonderful game of actors, many thanks for the pleasure!

Irina was 30 august on Canary soup

Filosovsky performance, an excellent play of actors! Thank you!

Viktoriya was 21 jule on Canary soup

We had a very good time, a comfortable room SAT-our friend from St. Petersburg specially came "to Tatiana Vasilyev" - everyone was charmed! When life is done, you understand better. The play about what to live is already because we have love! As the Two Are given to each other to spare, to cherish, but to surprise, delight-this is the meaning of life.

Ol`ga was 25 august on My wife's husband

I liked the performance very much. The game of all actors is beyond praise.

Lubov` was 25 august on My wife's husband

Thanks for the wonderful evening, the actors play super.

Alina was 25 august on My wife's husband

I liked it! Many thanks for so many positive emotions.

Anastasiya was 20 august on Pygmalion

Thank you for the wonderful performance. Got a lot of positive emotions

Olga was 20 august on Pygmalion

Great performance. Cheerful, dynamic. Wonderful actors. Thank you very much for an interesting evening!

Anna was 03 august on Pygmalion

Easy graceful performance, high professionalism of creators

Natal`ya was 13 jule on Love potion

A wonderful and cheerful performance

Inna was 03 august on Pygmalion

Excellent, all ponravilos.igra actors and the show itself brought a lot of impressions))

Visitor was 03 august on Pygmalion

All liked it. Thank you.

Visitor was 03 august on Pygmalion

Thanks for a wonderful evening! Veselkin separate merci!

Only for children
Only adults
115093, Москва, Павловская ул., 6
02 h 40 min
The story of Elise Dallittle, who turned from a flower girl to a lady, can be called one of the most famous in the history of world literature and theater. For a hundred years (and the play was written in 1913) Pygmalion was staged in England, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, the United States, India ... only in Russia - more than one hundred productions.
In Bernard Shaw's play everyone will find his own: turning a vulgar, street girl into a secular young lady; A love story or not love; Thinking about how a person can change in a new environment for himself; Ironic image of secular society.
It's worth seeing how a vulgar, sharp, illiterate flower girl degenerates into an exquisite secular lady!

"The thing is that a woman wants to live her life, and a man wants to live his own life. And everyone tries to reduce the other from the right path. "

Can I teach a simple flower girl to speak English like a duchess?

The professor of phonetics promised his friend that he would do it and took the smudge in his London mansion.

If only he knew that he had to go through with her!

Moods, claims and reproaches are half the battle. Communication with her impudent dad scavenger of any will drive mad!

But the girl was not only nice and charming, but also a diligent student.

She sings very nice and dances well. I liked the beauty even of the professor's mother.

Can an aristocrat love a commoner? But he was already so used to it ...

And it is not easy for him to believe. A trustworthy girl can be deceived by anyone.

"Did you meet men who would be decent in dealing with women?"


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